¡Bienvenidos al cabaret mágico!

For some time now, we have been hearing about a new proposal for the Buenos Aires billboard. An original proposal, different. This proposal is called UMO.

The show advertises a strong visual commitment with “an amazing wardrobe full of luxury and glamor”. The show offers a tour through different genres of show business. From Italian rock, Russian opera or Spanish cuple or German polka, to tango and golden Hollywood from the middle of the last century.

Throughout the show you will be able to appreciate more than a dozen musical pictures where their colorful characters shine, like Carmen Miranda singing in chorus with the Andrews Sisters; Rosemary Clooney and the Italian Mambo; Sara Montiel with her indiscreet flea or Tita Merello – who makes her presentation as an exclusive artist of the Smoke Bar.

UMO Cabaret (2)

The magic boxes intermingle with the stories and characters, to amaze with incredible tricks where the characters disappear before our eyes or become incredible beings.

The company joins to tell a funny story built with fragments of American films from the far west.

The cast is composed by Adrián Ferrán (who is also the author and director of the show), Marcelo Iglesias, Fernanda “Chachi” Telesco (former High School Musical and Singing for a Dream), Emanuel Zaldua, Horacio San Yar, Diego Nocera and Bruno Lázzaro, the general production is by Cipriano Velazquez and Adrian Ferran.

UMO opens on February 7 and the functions will be on  Thursday and Sunday at 9.30 pm, Friday and Saturday at 23 in La Casona del Teatro  (Av. Corrientes 1975) with locations from $ 30.

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