Virat Kohli Ruled out for County Matches

On Thursday BCCI has confirmed the news that Kohli is not going to play for the Surrey team because he was affected with a neck injury.

In the Earlier days we have came to know that Virat Kohli has been selected for the county matches for Surrey team which were held in England.Indian team was reported that the virat kohli was doubtful to play the matches due to an injury. In the mid of the June he was going for the preaparation against the England team. The series was going to start in July.

He was attended the Orthopedic on Wednesday Afternoon in Hindhuja Hospital.

Before attending the hospital he have known news that he was sufeering from a slip disc but the reports said that it was neck injury not the slip disc injury

BCCI has said in a press release that Kohli has ruled out for participating to the Surrey team

Virat Kohli was suffered from a neck injury during 51st match which was held against the Royal Challengers Banglore and Sunrisers Hyderabad on 17th May 2018 which was held at Chinna Swamy Stadium in Banglore.

Kohli was ready for undergoing a fitness test from June 15th and the BCCI was confident that he will get back to the fitness to play the tests against Ireland and England.

Kohli was one among the busiest cricketers in the world for the last two years. He has played all the test matches

At the end of the 2017 year he was came out of the Nidhans Trophy for getting marriage

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